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Mike Lunn

About Mike

Mike has extensive municipal wastewater treatment and stormwater experience, 20 years in Flint, Michigan, Water Pollution Control Facility (FWPCF), and 22 years in Grand Rapids, Michigan Water Resource Recovery Facility (GRWRRF). The positions he has held within the industry range from laborer to Utilities Director. Under his leadership, Flint and Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plants completed significant improvements.  These improvements included all plant processes from headworks to effluent.  During his tender, both cities completed their Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Projects.  Mr. Lunn was responsible for completing the required Grand Rapids CSO construction projects four years ahead of the compliance schedule. 

As part of the management team of these facilities, his responsibilities began at the planning stage of the projects and ended with full operation and maintenance responsibility.  Project coordination to maintain regulatory compliance through the construction and startup of the processes was a mainstay of his work.  He also oversaw and was hands-on in the development of the Operations and Maintenance Manual for each process, accompanying standard operating procedures and asset management plans.  The overall construction project costs of these projects approach one billion US Dollars.  

During his last years in the City of Grand Rapids, he directed the design of the Digestion Project at the GRWRRF which included an Anaerobic Membrane Biological Removal (AnBNR) for the treatment of high strength waste (i.e., Brewery, Leachate, Soda Bottling, Food Processors).  The design of the AnBNR included a six-month on-site pilot study.  

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